Credits photo Pablo Delfos

Old Powder New Guns by Lilian Hak
Singer/song writer Lilian Hak took a flight of fancy from her native Holland to the bustling city of Bangkok, armed with nothing more than her fascination for the film music of yesteryear and a collection of old movies. High above the steamy city streets on the 22nd floor of a friend’s apartment, ‘Old Powder New Guns’ came into being: a patchwork of samples cut from the cloth of old classics. The music from these films served as the inspiration behind this collection of songs charged with drama, glamour and suspense.

Back in Holland, Lilian fine-tuned the album whilst production company ON assisted in converting this ‘sampled’ album into a live event. Samples and ‘real’ instruments are the building blocks for Lilian’s music, a pastische of times past and present.

Old Powder New Guns is an album to engage and enthrall, much like a good suspense film. Lilian incorporates the sound of ‘real’ musicians on both the album and in her live performance: bass, drums, strings, brass, guitar and piano, an eleven piece band beautifully set within a web of samples.

The album has been released by Lilian’s own independent record label Sirenmusic and distributed by Rough Trade.

Read here a review on musicblog Filles Sourires:
” Lilian has made a supremely joyful recording. It’s Havana in the fifties; it’s Paris as Miles Davis hits the town; it’s absolutely now. “

Lilian Hak
Lilian Hak writes/ produces and performed her own music. Songs or instrumental tracks for creative mind. She uses both conventional instruments, her voice, samples and electronica, combining visuals whenever possible, to create her own unique sound in an avant-garde atmosphere.

She released two albums “Silence Feels Safe” and “Love’s Victory March”. The first one is a limited edition and has been released on her own label Sirenmusic. Her second album has been released on the Steamin’ Soundworks label. This album has been preceded by the single “Faces”, along with remixes by Scanner, aka Robin Rimbaud (UK) and Vector Lovers (UK), and KaH. In 2009 she worked together with T.Raumschmiere, musician/producer and artist from Berlin (G). She did the vocals and lyrics for two tracks which has been released on his last album I TANK U on his label shitkatapult.

Lilian performed with her band and also as a solo artist on different festivals and venues in Europe. She did the support for The Kills (GB), Kashmir (DK), Anna Clarke (GB), M83 (FR) and Vive la Fete (B).